My Nail My Foil Nails

60 Nail Foil Transfer Stickers with 2 Nail Foil Glue
Nails design so difficult? especially nail foil transfer patterns? BURANO Foil Nails nail foil kit tell you how easy the nail patterns you can make, especially make your own style. Yes! it is unbelievable!

60 Stickers Yes!60

60 kinds of Nail Transfer Tips, no choice, because you don’t have to choose, leopard + glitter + geometric patterns + patterns + solid colors + transparent colors, all you want are here, with two large-capacity Nail Art Foil Glue Gel, so much nail art glue foil so much fun

Just Stick It on

Nails foil transfer, make the nails foil transfer easily to the nails, all you need to do is using your finger or nail art foil pen to slowly operate, what patterns are needed, as you want

My Nail My Design

Every time there is an unexpected creativity, every time there are different surprises, and it comes from your nail foil gel kit, from your own way, you must not dare to imagine, creativity is so simple and happy

More Ideas Change Business

More nail foils and glue, more ideas for you, put a few finished art transfer foils into your latest model, it will attract your customers, let you bring more experience to customers, and change business

So Cool Post It

After sharing your work to INS or FB, tell your friends, what is the most fashionable nail products, how cool! Nail Foil Set