My Nail My Crackle Nail Polish

Nail Design Super Easy One Step Done

You will find that nail design has never been easier, just to apply a layer of Crackle Nail Polish, and let it air dry. The Fission nail gel effect will appear on the gel polish,finally, apply the top coat, done!

Oh!My God!Magic Happens

At first it was just a simple coat of gel polish (white is preferred), then a layer of crackle effect nail polish was applied, and then the magical effect slowly appeared. After air-drying, Oh, unbelievable, better than what a nail salon does.

A Secret even Nail Salon
Doesn't Know

Maybe your manicurist doesn't know about such a magical cracked nail polish. How cool it is to own it, You can't help but create a post to tell your friends, show them the crackle nail paint, as if you are a magician general.

8 Colors,Suit for Your Style

8 colors, just need a Lighter Price. No matter what style of dress or attending that occasion(like Christmas nails/valentines day nails) , you can always find crackle nail polish designs to match(such as black crackle nail polish), always match your style,as we always say, My Nail My Way