Design & Building Gel Kit Deluxe

Not Just Polygel Nail Kit It is Deluxe

This time, Design & Building Gel Kit Deluxe not only brought 7 polygel colors, including two temperature-changing Magical colors but also matched with three kinds of nail glitter, which not only make more and more creative nail art, but also greatly improved your satisfaction. Yes, this is Deluxe.

More Color More Fun
Not Just 7 Colors

7 colors in gel nail kit, more than all you ever see, with three colors of glitter, all can be applied to each color of the nail polygel, feeling the nail effect is magnified more than 3 times

Yes,Your Nail Got Magic

Two color-changing poly gel, turn to purple/orange when it is cold , change to a clear when heated, please pay attention, you will surprise your friends by it

Shinning Party Queen You are

In addition to beautiful clothes, handbags, 3D high-quality diamond decoration, embellished on the polygel nails, let you become a party focus, see, many people are watching you

Super Easy Easy Done

You dare not imagine how easy it is to operate POLYGEL, whether you are a DIY nail extensions beginner or a professional manicurist, you can easily get it done according to the contents of our manual or nail teaching video

So good, So Hit in Social Media

Nail channels recommended, the latest trend of gel nail kit,Unlike acrylic nails & builder gel, people share it on the Online Social Media, not just Easy to handle, and more creative, more funny, maybe your friends have tried, so do not miss it