Design & Building Gel Kit

Original and Classic Polygel Nail Kit

Design & Building Gel Kit means that the nail extension and nail art design is no longer a professional category of manicurists. Even if you are a beginner, it contains nail solution, brush pen, nail form, and which all you need is here, so you can be a master effortless, all because you own it

Become a Master
Only 10 Minutes

Detailed instructions and videos will tell you,just to evenly smooth the nail extension gel with brush pen on the nail tips and nail form. After cure under the UV/LED lamp, then you can use the nail file to sharp the type you want. Yes, being a master is so easy

So Easy
So Much Fun

Unlike acrylic nails & builder gel, but more strong, it won't dry quickly, means you can easily and happily create your nail art, no matter how complicated, , and more than that, you may ask, how long does polygel last? it will lasting up to 2 weeks and more

So Hit in Channels

Why Channels like to share? Because anyone can do the polygel nails, and many people have shared their creative works online, especially the light material inside the polygel, feel nothing on your nails

Nail Art in Future

Easy-operate and Trendy Nail Enhancement, not only saves money and saves time, you seem to take the nail salon directly home